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Theron Conrey theron at conrey.org
Thu Jun 2 13:23:40 CDT 2005

David Champion wrote:

> .... speaking as a formerly married geek, I think DH is has the 
> correct answer here. :)
> -dc
> Dave J. Hala Jr. wrote:
>> Who cares how much it costs, as long as the wife is happy!!!
>> On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 12:17, Theron Conrey wrote:
>>> I agree but mac-mini equates non-free home (noble reason) and new 
>>> hardware (more realistic reason)
>>> Theron
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>>> I'd put the wife on a Mac-Mini....
>>> On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 11:29, Theron Conrey wrote:
>>>> Not rude at all, because you've missed the point.  His wife wants 
>>>> to use a computer that just works. Linux vs. Windows unimportant to 
>>>> the non techie.  However if the only thing a non techie uses for 
>>>> work is windows, and you have to live with that person and fix 
>>>> thier computer problems, it helps to be proficient.  I am (nor the 
>>>> spouse of the author of that article) not a windows admin. or a 
>>>> user.  So when things broke on my wife's laptop the beratment was 
>>>> severe since I earn a living as a "computer guy" and should know 
>>>> how to fix these "simple" problems.  So when windows problems 
>>>> occured I was the guy that had to fix it in my home.    The issue 
>>>> is about 2 things:
>>>> One: most computer users (emph. users) assume that all computers 
>>>> behave as windows does and when they don't thier broken.  Nasty truth.
>>>> Two: the guy want's to get his (and i did with mine) wife on a 
>>>> different platform so that I work less on fixing her computer.  
>>>> Saying that however does not imply anything about liking anything.  
>>>> It merely states that what the user is "used too" is windows, 
>>>> simply because thats all they've seen.  
>>>> Theron
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>>>> Am I the only one who saw lots of characters on that page that 
>>>> don't exist in my
>>>> set?  Lots of "A^" all over the place with an occasional epsilon...
>>>> Anyway, the reviews are ok.  But this part is a bit obnoxious:
>>>> "Remember, I am the average Windows user and I want things to work 
>>>> just like
>>>> they would in Windows."
>>>> Frankly, when people have that attitude I tell them the perfect 
>>>> "distro" for
>>>> them is Windows ;).
>>>> Not to be rude, but if you like Windows you might as well use it!
>>>> Quoting Theron Conrey <theron at conrey.org>:
>>>>> Adding to what is posted below there is a great article about 
>>>>> different distros and thier ease of use written by a Geeks 
>>>>> spouse.  Not saying that
>>>>> it's a bad thing but similar articles helped my house (wife chose 
>>>>> not to
>>>>> veto) become free.
>>>>> Theron
>>>>> I believe that this forum will snip me, but here goes
>>>>> http://linux-blog.org/index.php?/categories/4-Reviews
>>>>> and if it does it's at the linux-blog.org site under reviews...  
>>>>> Good stuff.
>>>>> Theron
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>>>>> From: David Champion <dave at visionary.com>
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>>>>> Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 22:55:34 -0500
>>>>> Subject: Re: [Cialug] new to this group, and Linux
>>>>> Welcome to the list.
>>>>> FYI, there are Linux / Free Unix groups in Ames and Cedar Falls:
>>>>> http://www.amesfug.org
>>>>> http://www.cedarlug.org
>>>>> We should plan some joint meetings with AmesFUG for this summer! 
>>>>> Actually, stay tuned for an announcement for the June 15th 
>>>>> meeting, I'm guessing some of the Ames people may be interested in 
>>>>> something we have in the works.
>>>>> For you new users, here's my quick rundown of newbie friendly 
>>>>> distributions in order of friendliness:
>>>>> Knoppix (bootable "live cd", no install needed)
>>>>> Mandriva (was: Mandrake)
>>>>> Ubuntu (has either a "live" cd or an installable CD)
>>>>> Suse (the "free" version requires an FTP install, which is a pain)
>>>>> Fedora (the free redhat)
>>>>> Debian
>>>>> ....
>>>>> Slackware
>>>>> ....
>>>>> Writing your own distro from scratch
>>>>> Gentoo
>>>>> I'm sure if you ask, someone will burn you a CD of the latest 
>>>>> version of any of those. I personally have the latest Mandriva 
>>>>> 2005 LE (aka Mandrake 10.2), and I have a bunch of the previous 
>>>>> version of Ubuntu.
>>>>> p.s. :
>>>>> We're supposed to be planning an Installfest, which would be handy 
>>>>> for all of these n00bs, but don't have a location or a date yet. 
>>>>> Get on the stick, you Installfest planners! Let me know if you 
>>>>> need the contact info for the Nevlyn Center in Ankeny.
>>>>> -dc
>>>>> Jim Asbille wrote:
>>>>>> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 17:45, Travis Beaty wrote:
>>>>>> I'm also fond of SuSE.  I use 9.3, I purchased a copy for $12.  I 
>>>>>> started
>>>>> with
>>>>>> Debian and then Red Hat but as a newbie I had trouble so I 
>>>>>> purchased SuSE
>>>>> 9.0
>>>>>> which I heard had a great install and excellent out of the box 
>>>>>> hardware support.  I'm hooked now because I'm getting better at 
>>>>>> using Yast and I'm comfortable with how well everything works. 
>>>>>>> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 06:01 pm, albus wrote:
>>>>>>>> Welcome Michael.
>>>>>>> Hello All!
>>>>>>> Since we are introducing ourselves, I suppose it is time for me 
>>>>>>> to come
>>>>> out
>>>>>>> of lurker mode and say "Hi!"
>>>>>>> I'm from the teeny weenie town of Osage, northeast of Mason 
>>>>>>> City.   I
>>>>>>> signed up as I was out looking for lugs close to me -- there is 
>>>>>>> only one
>>>>>>> that I am aware of which is closer to me than Des Moines.
>>>>>>> As far as my knowledge of Linux, I guess I would characterize 
>>>>>>> myself as on
>>>>>>> the "high side of newbie."  My story of how I was introduced to 
>>>>>>> Linux is
>>>>>>> embarrassing and humorous, as I am probably the only person in 
>>>>>>> the known
>>>>>>> universe who has ever *accidentally* installed Linux.  This 
>>>>>>> happened in
>>>>>>> 2000, and I was so impressed with what I saw, I've never gone 
>>>>>>> back to
>>>>>>> Windows. (FYI, it was Mandrake 7.2 that I installed.)
>>>>>>> It's really embarrassing.  My machismo commands me to shut up 
>>>>>>> about it
>>>>> now.
>>>>>>> At any rate, I would suggest looking at SuSE.  I am now 
>>>>>>> currently running
>>>>>>> 9.2 on my laptop, and it is very nice.  9.3 is out, but I 
>>>>>>> haven't upgraded
>>>>>>> yet, apart from installing KDE 3.4 on my system.
>>>>>>> I'm sure there will be others that would argue pro or con about 
>>>>>>> SuSE. 
>>>>> And,
>>>>>>> that great!  It's really a personal thing, what I've gained from 
>>>>>>> my own
>>>>>>> personal experiences with Linux.  If [insert Linux distro here] 
>>>>>>> works for
>>>>>>> you, that's super!!  But keep in mind too that there are MANY 
>>>>>>> high quality
>>>>>>> distros out there that are free, and very good.
>>>>>>> Welcome to the Linux world.  I think you will like it here!
>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>> Travis Beaty
>>>>>>> P.S.  At some point, I'll try to get to a meeting, but it is 
>>>>>>> quite a ways
>>>>>>> to drive for me.
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I agree completly.... :)

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