[Cialug] rpm issues

David Courard-Hauri david.courard-hauri at DRAKE.EDU
Thu Jun 2 11:22:36 CDT 2005

So, I'm embarassed to be confused by rpm.

I downloaded gcc-3.3.3-41.src.rpm from the SUSE site. I figured I could 
install that and then maybe run the gcc configure on the gcc 4.0 files I got 
from the GNU site if I needed more libraries and stuff.

I type:

> rpm -vi gcc-3.3.3-41.src.rpm

and get:

> gcc-3.3.3-41

So I think things are OK. But then I try:

> rpm -q gcc-3.3.3-41

and it says:

> package gcc-3.3.3-41 is not installed

So I try:

> rpm -qa | grep cc

and get:

> libgcc-3.3.3-41

So I think I've done something, but not what I wanted to do. I still don't 
have a gcc command--I suppose my path could be wrong, but I doubt it. Am I 
missing something obvious?

-- Dave

David Courard-Hauri
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy
Olin Hall, Drake University
Des Moines, IA 50311


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