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Adding to what is posted below there is a great article about different  distros and thier ease of use written by a Geeks spouse.  Not saying that it's a bad thing but similar articles helped my house (wife chose not to veto) become free.

I believe that this forum will snip me, but here goes

and if it does it's at the linux-blog.org site under reviews...  Good stuff.

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Welcome to the list.

FYI, there are Linux / Free Unix groups in Ames and Cedar Falls:

We should plan some joint meetings with AmesFUG for this summer! 
Actually, stay tuned for an announcement for the June 15th meeting, I'm 
guessing some of the Ames people may be interested in something we have 
in the works.

For you new users, here's my quick rundown of newbie friendly 
distributions in order of friendliness:

Knoppix (bootable "live cd", no install needed)
Mandriva (was: Mandrake)
Ubuntu (has either a "live" cd or an installable CD)
Suse (the "free" version requires an FTP install, which is a pain)
Fedora (the free redhat)
Writing your own distro from scratch

I'm sure if you ask, someone will burn you a CD of the latest version of 
any of those. I personally have the latest Mandriva 2005 LE (aka 
Mandrake 10.2), and I have a bunch of the previous version of Ubuntu.

p.s. :
We're supposed to be planning an Installfest, which would be handy for 
all of these n00bs, but don't have a location or a date yet. Get on the 
stick, you Installfest planners! Let me know if you need the contact 
info for the Nevlyn Center in Ankeny.


Jim Asbille wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 17:45, Travis Beaty wrote:
> I'm also fond of SuSE.  I use 9.3, I purchased a copy for $12.  I started with 
> Debian and then Red Hat but as a newbie I had trouble so I purchased SuSE 9.0 
> which I heard had a great install and excellent out of the box hardware 
> support.  I'm hooked now because I'm getting better at using Yast and I'm 
> comfortable with how well everything works.  
>>On Wednesday 01 June 2005 06:01 pm, albus wrote:
>>>Welcome Michael.
>>Hello All!
>>Since we are introducing ourselves, I suppose it is time for me to come out
>>of lurker mode and say "Hi!"
>>I'm from the teeny weenie town of Osage, northeast of Mason City.   I
>>signed up as I was out looking for lugs close to me -- there is only one
>>that I am aware of which is closer to me than Des Moines.
>>As far as my knowledge of Linux, I guess I would characterize myself as on
>>the "high side of newbie."  My story of how I was introduced to Linux is
>>embarrassing and humorous, as I am probably the only person in the known
>>universe who has ever *accidentally* installed Linux.  This happened in
>>2000, and I was so impressed with what I saw, I've never gone back to
>>Windows. (FYI, it was Mandrake 7.2 that I installed.)
>>It's really embarrassing.  My machismo commands me to shut up about it now.
>>At any rate, I would suggest looking at SuSE.  I am now currently running
>>9.2 on my laptop, and it is very nice.  9.3 is out, but I haven't upgraded
>>yet, apart from installing KDE 3.4 on my system.
>>I'm sure there will be others that would argue pro or con about SuSE.  And,
>>that great!  It's really a personal thing, what I've gained from my own
>>personal experiences with Linux.  If [insert Linux distro here] works for
>>you, that's super!!  But keep in mind too that there are MANY high quality
>>distros out there that are free, and very good.
>>Welcome to the Linux world.  I think you will like it here!
>>Travis Beaty
>>P.S.  At some point, I'll try to get to a meeting, but it is quite a ways
>>to drive for me.

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