[Cialug] Re: new to this group, and Linux

Rocket Robin Hood jason at benalto.com
Thu Jun 2 03:41:10 CDT 2005

Hi there Mike!
I also recommend SuSE...I'm not as tech-happy as the rest of the group 
(notice: I can't fix my clock)(so don't ask me to fix my clock!) and have 
used Linux for about 4-5 years now, alternating between Mandrake and SuSE. 
SuSE installs like a charm and seems to be better with funkier hardware..also 
SuSE's apt4rpm is a lot easier to work than Mandrake's urpmi. You keep 
stressing phone support - I dunno, all I ever needed was a computer that 
could connect to the internet and the patient and helpful people on mailing 
lists such as these, newsgroups, etc. I do recommend buying a box if you're 
committed not for the support which is usually minimal and usually has some 
wacky caveats (must only have 1 CD drive, I remember an  old one) but for all 
the programs like Java which aren't on the download discs, saves you time 
just installing it from the start rather than hunt around and then worrying 
about getting it to work with your browser or whateve.

Red Hat/Fedora is good for a newbie too but their initial packages on the 
discs (from a couple years ago) didn't have all the groovy multimedia stuff 
which is my bread and butter on this computer.

Good luck! I apparently can't go to meetings until I fix my clock...


On Thursday 02 June 2005 05:35, Michael wrote:
> Just wanted to say thanks to all for the warm welcome.  In re-reading
> all the messages at once, it seems like most of you seem to be
> recommending suse over red hat for a (extreme) newbie.  And most of
> you think I should download it for free, instead of buying...
> Maybe the thing to do is start with a free download and if I really
> run into trouble, buy suse for the phone support.
> I'll be at the next meeting (15th, right?) and I look forward to
> meeting all of you.
> Mike

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