[Cialug] Xorg issues

Lathrop Preston laith at prestonfam.org
Wed Jun 1 19:06:08 CDT 2005


It is a Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM
ie Trio64 (4mb VRAM?)
It will handle 800X600 at 16b
and 1024X768 at 8b (yuck)


On 6/1/2005, "James Shoemaker" <james at dhlake.com> wrote:

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>Lathrop Preston wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> Since my laptop died I am working on geting my desktop up and running
>> again.
>> I have an ok video card in it however the best resolution I seem to get
>> is 800X600 15b but I know the monitor can do better.
>> Not the most useful space in the world.
>> Does any one have either
>> a suggestion on what I can tweek to get it displaying better. I know it
>> can...
>> or
>> a spare (ie older) vid card that you would be willing to part with either
>> cheap or free (I am on a very tight budget for this)
>	What kind of slot?  AGP, PCI...
>	What is the current card, how much memory (so whatever I find is at
>least somewhat better).
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