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Nathan C. Smith smith at ipmvs.com
Wed Jun 1 16:33:15 CDT 2005

I wanna see that glowing alien at the next meeting.

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Below is the extract of a message that I've just sent to alienware.  
I've gotta say, it only took 45 min to get to talk to someone who said 
that after recieving the notebook I could return the OS for a "refund" 
That's right boys and girls I can return that OS just like thier EULA 


All that and I got a new Alienware notebook with a 400 rebate..... 


To whom it may concern:
I'd like to say thank you to the customer service folks who helped me 
order my sentia notebook today.  John was a great help and showed 
continued professionalism in the face of, well, the unexpected.  I would 
like to take the time to say that as customers go I'm pretty normal.  As 
a savy computer user however, I take my freedoms very seriously.  I 
cannot agree to use the Microsoft OS that Alienware provides, and John 
took the time to explain Alienware's position of selling laptops without 
the Microsoft OS.  He did however clarify a misconception that I had and 
that by loading GNU/Linux or any other free OS you do not violate the 
Alienware Warranty.  After much discussion I was very politely 
transferred to his supervisor, Shawn who was extremely helpful in 
figuring out this situation and how to move forward.  I appriciate 
Shawn's help and look forward to recieving my Alienware laptop and 
promptly returning the Microsoft OS  in favor of an OS that respects the 
freedoms of it's users.
Alienware has two great employees manning the phones and helping us, the 
customer, out.  I appriciate thier time and attension to detail that one 
expects from a name like Alienware.
I hope in the future that Alienware takes the time to address the 
growing concern of it's customers, and can provide systems preloaded 
with a standard Alienware chosen linux distribution (such as dell and hp 
do) as opposed to having us, the customer, return an OS right after 
recieving such a great product.

Thank you,

Theron Conrey

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